[VIP] uxpeak: UX/UI Design Mastery Course

Become a UX/UI design professional. Master UX/UI Design with our comprehensive course by learning practical skills, working on real-life projects and creating impactful user experiences.

Sep 5, 2023 - 18:28
Sep 5, 2023 - 18:28
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[VIP] uxpeak: UX/UI Design Mastery Course

The one course you need to learn ins and outs of UX/UI design

Our comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to excel in the field. Designed for beginners and intermediate designers alike, you'll gain practical skills and in-depth knowledge.


Enhance your Figma skills

Get ready to conquer Figma, your ultimate tool in UX/UI design. We'll transition you from a beginner to a skilled professional, confidently creating detailed, interactive designs.


Learn how to design beautiful user interfaces

Discover the principles of effective visual design, explore layout and typography techniques, and master the use of colors and imagery to create stunning interfaces. Through hands-on projects, you'll gain the skills and confidence to design visually appealing interfaces.


Learn how to create exceptional user experiences

Step into your users' shoes and learn to create memorable experiences. From understanding their needs to designing intuitive interactions, you'll gain practical skills to craft exceptional user experiences.


Master all stages of the Design Thinking Process

We'll take you from problem identification to UX research, ideation, prototyping, and testing, ensuring your solutions are user-centered and innovative.


Land a UX/UI design job

Our course goes beyond teaching design skills and equips you with practical job-seeking strategies, resume building tips, portfolio guidance, and interview preparation.

Why learn with uxpeak?

Explore the advantages of our UX/UI Design course over alternative options.


  •  Very high cost
  •  Require a significant time commitment
  •  Fast-paced learning environment
  •  Fixed schedule, providing less flexibility

UX/UI Design Mastery

  •   Affordable pricing
  •  Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of UX/UI
  •  Practical lessons with real-world projects
  •  Hands-on instruction for portfolio and case study creation
  •  High-quality, concise video content
  •  Certification upon completion
  •  Self-paced
  •  Regular updates to keep up with industry trends

Other online courses

  •   Don't delve as deep into the subject
  •   Long-winded video lessons
  •   Lack adequate guidance on portfolio creation
  •   Overemphasis on theory over practice
  •   Not affordable

Course curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to stay current with industry trends, ensuring you learn the most relevant skills to thrive in today's fast-paced design world.

Module 1

Intro to UX/UI Design

  • 1. Understanding UX and UI Design
  • 2. A Guide to Common Design Career Paths
  • 3. Career Opportunities in Design Across Various Types of Companies
  • 4. The Path to Success: How to Increase Your Value as a UX/UI Designer
  • 5. Key Principles of UX Design
  • 6. 10 Usability Heuristics by Jakob Nielsen
  • 7. Responsive Design
  • 8. Simple Strategies for a Better User Interface
Module 2

Learn Figma for UX/UI Design

  • 1. Choosing Design Software
  • 2. Figma Walkthrough
  • 3. Frames, Shapes, Colours and Basic Design Techniques
  • 4. Color Styles, Alignment & Position
  • 5. Text Styles
  • 6. Constraints
  • 7. Creating Responsive Design using Constraints
  • 8. Figma Auto Layout (Coming soon)
Module 3

User Interface design

  • 1. Typography Basics
  • 2. Color & Branding: Learn How to Influence Users' Initial Impression of Your Product
  • 3. Color & Behavior: Learn How to Influence People's Choices
  • 4. Exploring Input Controls and Navigational Components in UI Design
  • 5. Designing Informational Components and Containers
  • 6. UI Design Analysis: Learn How to Evaluate and Optimize User Interfaces
Module 4

Figma Portfolio Project

  • 1. Intro - Project Brief, Image and Typography Library
  • 2. Part 1
  • 3. Part 2
  • 4. Part 3
  • 5. Part 4
  • 6. Part 5
  • 7. Part 6
Module 5

UX Design Process

  • 1. Design Thinking Process Overview
  • 2. Stages of the Design Thinking Process
Module 6

Conducting UX Research for Better User Experiences

  • 1. Introduction to UX Research
  • 2. Exploring UX Research Methods
  • 3. Conducting User Interviews
  • 4. Competitive Analysis: A Guide to Analyzing Your Competitors and Optimizing Your UX Design
Module 7

Understanding and Defining User Problems

  • 1. User Personas: Getting to Know Your Users
  • 2. Creating Effective User Journeys
  • 3. Defining the Problem Statement
Module 8

Ideation Strategies for User-Centered Design

  • 1. Ideation Techniques
  • 2. Mapping User Flows
  • 3. From Concept to Creation: How to Design Compelling Wireframes
  • 4. Create Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Module 9

Interactive Prototyping

  • 1. Transform Low-Fidelity Wireframes Into High-Fidelity Wireframes
  • 2. Design Systems 101: Create Consistent and Cohesive User Interfaces
  • 3. Creating Design Mockups
Module 10

Run Usability Tests & Analyze the Data

  • 1. Usability Testing
  • 2. Usability Testing Questions: Best Practices and Examples
  • 3. Analyze Usability Test Results
  • 4. Update Designs Based on Test Results
Module 11


  • 1. Design Implementation
  • 2. Common Gaps in Design Handoff
  • 3. Measure the Success of Your Designs
Module 12

Launch your UX/UI Design Career

  •  1. Embracing Possibilities: Unleash Your Full Potential
  • 2. Land UX/UI Design Job: Tips and Tricks to Succeed - part 1
  • 3. Land UX/UI Design Job: Tips and Tricks to Succeed - part 2
  • 4. How to Create a Strong Case Study: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • 5. Build an Outstanding Online Portfolio
  • 1. Applying for UX/UI Design Jobs
  • 2. Where to Find the BEST UX/UI Design Jobs
  • 3. Create a Job-Winning CV
  • 4. Nail the Interview Process
  • 5. Congratulations

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