111 resources for UX / UI designers

This is Savio here. I'm young dev with an intention to enhance as a successful web developer. I love building web apps with React. I have proved my superiority in frontend technologies.

111 resources for UX / UI designers

111 amazing resources you're gonna love

Hello Devs

This is Savio here. I'm young dev with an intention to enhance as a successful web developer. I love building web apps with React. I have proved my superiority in frontend technologies.

Today, I'm gonna share 100+ super amazing resources every developer are gonna love for sure I hope you'll enjoy this article.

3 UX/UI Design Systems to gain inspiration

3 tools every UX/UI designer should know

  • Notion - is an all-in-one workspace to organise your notes, projects and tasks

  • Figma - is a multiplayer interface design tool to create mockups, design systems and prototypes ⁣

  • ⭐️ Miro - is a real-time whiteboard to gather research and ideate with team mates ⁣

3D websites that will inspire every UX/UI designer ⁣

  • Protopie.com - go the extra mile with 3D video and awesome animations on scroll

  • ♻️ Pitch.com - began the 3D movement and their characters are super friendly and feature in their website and product. ⁣

  • kukla-kit.com - is a 3D library for Figma projects

3 chrome extensions for every UX/UI Designer ⁣

  • ⌨️ Font Ninja lets you inspect and bookmark fonts and any webpage⁣

  • Go Full Page takes full page screenshots of any webpage ⁣

  • Loom lets you record videos directly in chrome

3 Illustration Libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Absurd.Design have expressive illustrations for products with personality ⁣

  • Blush.design have a great mix of characters from artists around the world ⁣

  • Ouch! - have a comprehensive library of searchable illustrations

3 Typography tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Fontjoy.com generates font pairings with a contrast slider in a single click ⁣

  • app.typeanything.io let’s you experiment with font pairings, sizes, spacing, and weights live i. The browser ⁣

  • Font Base is a free font manager with access to Google’s fonts for Mac and windows

3 color tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • picular.co generates colors based on keywords ⁣

  • Coolhue is a gradient plugin for Figma & Sketch ⁣

  • Eva uses AI to generate feedback colors based off your brand color

3 user testing tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Maze.design is great for running unmoderated tests as it integrates smoothly with your existing prototyping workflow ⁣

  • Lookback.io is super for moderated usability tests of your product live with users ⁣

  • Usertesting.com is an accessible tool for your whole team to test with

3 3D libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

3 Prototyping tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣⁣

  • Figma lets you effortlessly create prototypes whilst you design ⁣

  • Framer has an extensive library of notions and tutorials to help you learn how to prototype ⁣

  • Protopie helps you create mind blowing prototypes with native elements

3 sites to gain inspiration as a UX/UI Designer ⁣

  • mobbin.design is a hand picked collection of the latest mobile design patterns ⁣

  • Land-Book.com is a great place for landing page and portfolio inspiration ⁣

  • Dribbble is perfect for conceptual thinking and experimental design

3 productivity tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • ‍♂️ Notion is perfect for organising your weekly tasks and design team wiki ⁣

  • Tomato 2 is a super app for following the pomodoro technique and managing your time ⁣

  • Calendly helps your organise meetings without the back and forth emailing.

3 accessibility tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • colorable.jxnblk.com - Colorable is a great tools for generating an accessible color palette ⁣
  • getstark.co - Stark is a super Figma, XD, Sketch plug-in for running contrast and color blind tests live in your designs ⁣

  • Wave is a wicked chrome extension for running an accessibility evaluation live on your site.

3 free image libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • pexels.com - Pexels is a super resource for free images and videos ⁣

  • unsplash.com - Unsplash has powerful search, filters and collections from around the world ⁣

  • ✌️ Reshot.com - Reshot is another super image resource with handpicked, non-sticky images.

3 font resources for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • ⚡️ Google fonts has over 1k searchable fonts categorised by type. ⁣

  • Open Foundry is a super resource for handpicked open-source typefaces ⁣

  • Typewolf is super for learning about fonts and font pairings.

3 portfolio tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • ⚡️ Super.so is quick and easy way to convert your Notion docs into an online portfolio ⁣

  • Webflow.com lets you design your portfolio directly in the browser across multiple devices ⁣

  • Grammarly.com fixes your grammar errors helping you write better case studies

3 no-code tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • ⚡️ Webflow is the best no-code website builder with awesome interactions ⁣

  • Bubble is a great tool for building web apps without code ⁣

  • MemberStack is a no-code membership tool for any website

3 UX Writing resources for UX/UI designers⁣

  • ✍️ dailyuxwriting.com have super how to guides to up your writing game⁣

  • Uxlibrary.org define the value of UX Writing with super ux writing blog links ⁣

  • uxplanet.org is an awesome handbook for UX writers⁣

3 Figma plugins for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • ↪️ Autoflow allows you to neatly draw the flows between your frames ⁣

  • Color-Palettes font picker lets you view typefaces before you select them ⁣

  • Unsplash is super for adding awesome stock images to your designs

3 color gradient tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • webgradients.com have 180 awesome gradients with full screen preview ⁣

  • coolors.co have a super gradient maker with a neat toggle between radial and linear ⁣

  • ⚡️ uigradients.com is a super resource to grab limitless gradients with a neat full screen toggle

3 user flow libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • uxarchive.com have a super library of user flows from top mobile apps ⁣

  • ⚡️ Mobbin.design is the largest user flow library that you can click through on a device ⁣

  • pageflows.com is an awesome user flow library with web and mobile apps

3 icon libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Ikonate.com is a super library of customisable icons that you can preview in dark mode ⁣

  • ⚡️ Useanimations.com is an awesome library of animated icons ⁣

  • Streamline.to is an icon app and plugin with over 30k icons to use

3 AI powered tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Khroma.co is an AI powered color palette generator based on your fave colors ⁣

  • ✏️ UIzard.io is an AI tool that converts your sketches into mockups ⁣

  • remove.bg is an AI tool that removes any background from an image

3 color palette tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • happyhues.co is a color palette tool that lets you view curated colors in context ⁣

  • colorinspo.com let’s you generate a color palette based on color theory ⁣

  • ⚡️ Colors.muz.li is a color palette generator with a live UI kit demo

3 Zoom alternatives for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Whereby.com is a no fluff video meeting tool made by a secure friendly team in Norway⁣

  • Vowel.com is a video conference tool that helps you host, plan and transcribe meetings ⁣

  • Macro.io is an interface tool for Zoom that allows you to visualise meeting discussions

3 white boarding tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Freehand by Invision is a quick and easy to use whiteboarding tool⁣

  • ⚡️ Miro is a super tool with loads of handy templates to kickstart your white boarding sesh ⁣

  • Mural is a great white boarding tool to use with your team ⁣

3 grid extensions for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Page Ruler is super for defining the spacing between components ⁣

  • Baseliner is a super grid extension for applying a baseline to your design ⁣

  • Grid Overlay is a great for applying a grid system directly to any page

3 awesome AI tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • tailwind.ink is an awesome AI color shade generator ⁣

  • visualeyes.design is a AI heatmap generator for your designs ⁣

  • ✂️ Clipdrop is a super AR copy paste tool for adding images, objects, and text to your design ⁣

3 massive Design Systems to inspire UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Atlassian.design have a mammoth design systems with neat accessibility checks ⁣

  • buffer have a huge design systems with super guidelines on each component ⁣

  • IBM whopping carbon design system works across a light and dark theme

3 super fun typography tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • wordmark is a super tool that previews every font on your computer ⁣

  • Prototypo is a super tool for creating your own font⁣

  • kerntype is a game that helps you learn how to learn type

3 device mockup generators for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • previewed.app is a super 2D and 3D device mockup generator across devices ⁣

  • threed.io is an awesome 3D mockup generator directly in the browser ⁣

  • ⚡️ Rotato is a super animated mockup generator

3 animated icon libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

3 super analytics tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • useFathom.com is a super simple and visual analytics tool for your product ⁣

  • Plausible.io is another awesome analytics tool with a neat UI ⁣

  • ⚡️ Useberry.com is great for grabbing analytics directly on your prototype

3 super productivity tools for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • meetsidekick.com is a super browser that gives your apps a home and removes the need for cluttered tabs ⁣

  • getslash.co is an awesome tool that helps you complete your to do list ⁣

  • hey.com is a super tool that makes emails fun and easy to manage

3 character illustration libraries for UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Humaaans is an awesome illustration library of characters that you can mix and match ⁣

  • control.rocks is a super illustration library with loads of characters and scenes ⁣

  • struct.rocks is a super fun character illustration library based on shapes

3 agency websites to inspire UX/UI Designers ⁣

  • Toyfight.co use humour to demo the value of a small team ⁣

  • Hellomonday.com use playful characters to showcase the diversity of their agency ⁣

  • majortom.com use animation on scroll to showcase their iterative

3 must read books for UI/UX Designers