[VIP] Designcode: UI Design Smart Home App in Figma

Design a Smart Home app from scratch using various tricks and techniques in Figma. Access to 50+ courses, 320+ premium tutorials, 300+ hours of videos, source files.

Nov 18, 2023 - 01:39
Nov 18, 2023 - 00:04
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[VIP] Designcode: UI Design Smart Home App in Figma

7 topics

All techniques are explained step-by-step, in a beginner-friendly format so that you can easily follow in a cohesive way.


  • 1. Design System

Learn how to create a simple design system for colors and text styles

  • 2. Top Navigation

Build the top navigation of the app

  • 3. Segmented Control

Learn how to create segmented controls

  • 4. Custom Tab Bar

Learn how to create a custom tab bar

  • 5. Thermostat Control

Design a thermostat control

  • 6. Dropdown Button and Cards

Learn how to create a dropdown button

  • 7. Active and Inactive Buttons

Learn how to create a button with 2 different states

Templates and source code

Download source files

Download the videos and assets to refer and learn offline without interuption.

  • Design template
  • Source code for all sections
  • Video files, ePub and subtitles

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