7STEPUX: The complete UX process from strategy to design

A hands on, step-by-step guide which will take you through all the steps. From planning an app or website through to wireframing, research and design, and then on to the final hand-off. This book is the one stop resource for User Experience Design.

7STEPUX: The complete UX process from strategy to design


The 7STEPUX® process is a down to earth method to UX design that gives a complete framework to everyone involved in the product design process.


If you are just starting out with UX, this book will give you a solid foundation. I'll show you a complete, step-by-step process with all the techniques and methods you need to learn to practice UX.


As a product manager or owner, you have an overview of the whole product development process including design and research. I’ll teach you how to plan out the UX side of your product, how to communicate the values of UX to your stakeholders and how to work with designers and developers.


If you’re a designer, this book will give you all the tools you need to become a better UX/UI designer. I will show you how to plan out a UX project, where to apply UX research, how to create smarter wireframes, prototypes and how to communicate with product managers, stakeholders and developers.


This book is for every entrepreneur who wants to create a successful product. It might be a digital product like an app or a website, or perhaps a physical item like a book. I’ll show you how to validate your product ideas and how to align your business goals with your users’ needs.