[VIP] Treehouse: Learn Web Design [Updated +50 Course]

Design in the broadest sense, design refers to visuals, interaction flows, wireframes, branding, and more. You'll need good design to enhance your websites, mobile apps, and businesses.

[VIP] Treehouse: Learn Web Design [Updated +50 Course]

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  1. Adobe Illustrator for Web Design
  2. Accessibility For UX Designers
  3. Before and After Color
  4. Before and After Layout
  5. Before and After Typography
  6. Brand Identity Basics
  7. Building a Portfolio
  8. Collaborating with Developers
  9. Collecting Design Inspiration
  10. Conducting User Interviews
  11. Creating an Affinity Diagram
  12. Creating Mockups
  13. Creating User Experiences
  14. Creating User Personas
  15. Creating Wireframe and Photoshop Mockups
  16. Design Criticism
  17. Design Foundations
  18. Designing Dynamic UI States
  19. Designing for User Roles
  20. Designing Interactions
  21. Designing Layouts
  22. Digital Media Through Photoshop
  23. Evaluating Design
  24. Exercise Your Creative
  25. Getting Started With Human Interface Guidelines
  26. Getting Started With Material Design
  27. Handling Feedback as a UX Designer
  28. Hello UX
  29. How to Make a Favicon
  30. In the Wild
  31. Information Architecture
  32. Intro to Design Thinking
  33. Introducing Google Slides
  34. Introduction to Design Systems
  35. Introduction to Product Design
  36. Introduction to Wireframing
  37. Live Q&A with Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer
  38. Logo Design Basics
  39. Mockups for Responsive Design
  40. Practice Completing a Profile
  41. Practice Creating a Paywall
  42. Practice Creating a Sitemap
  43. Practice Creating UX Content
  44. Practice Design Criticism
  45. Practice Designing a Product Card
  46. Practice Empathy Maps
  47. Practice Journey Maps
  48. Practice Prototyping
  49. Practice Sketching
  50. Practice Storyboarding
  51. Practice Using A Design System
  52. Practice Wireframing
  53. Presenting Design Ideas
  54. Prototyping in the Browser
  55. Prototyping with Adobe XD
  56. Prototyping with Figma
  57. Rapid Website Prototyping
  58. Receiving UX Feedback by Example
  59. Responsive Design
  60. Sketch Basics
  61. Solving Problems with UX Design
  62. The Blank Slate
  63. Typography for Designers
  64. Usability Foundations
  65. Usability Testing
  66. User Onboarding
  67. UX Content Strategy
  68. UX Design Patterns
  69. Visual Design Foundations
  70. Web Design Process
  71. Web Design Q&A
  72. Web Design Q&A with Nick
  73. Web Typography