[VIP] Tailkit: 2.0

Design super modern dashboards and websites in minutes. Carefully crafted, easy to customize, fully responsive UI components for your Tailwind CSS based projects. Crafted with love by pixelcave for web developers, web agencies and digital nomads.

[VIP] Tailkit: 2.0

1. UI Components Library

We carefully handcrafted a vast collection of UI components to build all kinds of web applications and websites. We keep designing and adding new ones with each update.

2. Self-Hosted Web App

You’ll love working with the Tailkit web app! It’s a compiled Vue.js based app which you can host on your own and use to explore and copy all available UI components.

3. Helper Tools

Search and copy SVG icons, build your button markup or copy your favorite color classes with powerful tools. More are under development to give you superpowers.

4. Starter Kits

We prepared kits to help you rocket start your next project. Plain HTML, Laravel, Vue.js, React and Angular based kits with Tailwind CSS, Tailkit & PurgeCSS already preconfigured.


Fully Responsive UI Components

Great design in neat HTML snippets. Carefully coded and tested. You can use them to build the User Interface of your web project without ever leaving your HTML. Works with any JavaScript framework or technology you are using.

Framework Agnostic

Each component is an HTML code snippet which you can easily copy-paste into your code and customize it to match your needs. They will work in any JS or other framework you are using.

Fully Responsive

They are designed to work in various screen sizes, from mobile to desktop. Their design will adapt based on the device you are using, and you can easily preview them beforehand.

Alpine.js Snippets

A few components might need a bit of JavaScript to work. We provide pure HTML examples with inline comments for which classes to toggle with JS but also working Alpine.js variations as well.