[VIP] School of Motion: VFX for Motion

VFX for Motion will teach you the art and science of compositing as it applies to Motion Design. Prepare to add keying, roto, tracking, matchmoving and more to your creative toolkit.

[VIP] School of Motion: VFX for Motion


  • Professional Footage & Action VFX Elements
  • Lesson Exercises & Feedback from Professional Artists
  • Verified Credential Upon Course Completion

Student Testimonial

"This course contains foundational info for beginnings like what to look for in a proper key, the right way to roto, edge blending, dealing with lens distortion, troubleshooting complex tracks, image stabilization, and general compositing tips. I knew the basics coming into the course but I learned tips and tricks to speed up my workflow and how to deal with difficult edge cases. VFX for Motion gave me confidence in tracking, keying, and rotoscoping." - Nic Dean, Fall 2019