OSINT Analytics

A selection of Osint extensions for your browser, use.

OSINT Analytics

Searching and tagging data

Vortimo OSINT-tool — extension allows you to mark text on any web page and enrich it with your own or external resources or API. Very handy even for simple web surfing, let alone being useful in osinta

Gotanda — is a web browser extension for Ossint that lets you search for information on a web page (IP, domain, URL, SNS, etc.). It is optimized for Japan but works well enough in Russian segment of the net.

Fast Advanced Google Search— the interface of advanced Google search options. Useful not only within Ossint

Working with social networks

OSINT.support —  is not just one, but a whole collection of OSINT extensions which are installed in developer mode. They are designed mostly to work with Facebook. There's also hidden friends detection, ID handling, data parsing, SOCMINT, and mail capture

Treeverse — is an extension for navigating through Twitter conversations. All chats are conveniently visualized as a tree

EXIF Viewer Pro — allows you to quickly explore the metadata of photos posted online. This can help you establish the time and place of the photo, camera type, and camera settings if they haven't been deleted

InVID & WeVerify — The plugin was designed to verify social media facts and news, especially when checking videos and photos

TinEye Reverse Image Search — A search engine for finding modified images. Searches not only for the inimitable original, but also for all its pathetic parodies

Search by Image — reverse image search tool with support for various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye

Site Monitoring

Distill — extension allows you to passively monitor changes on social pages and sites. If they appear, the extension will send a message via SMS, email or notifications

FireShot — allows you to quickly take a screenshot of a web page in full screen mode. All screenshots are stored locally and do not generate traffic. Moreover, FireShot can work offline

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder — another extension for taking screenshots and video recordings of web pages

Viewing copies of the site

Wayback Machine — is an extension to the Internet Archive. It also allows you to view an archived version of a web page. Extremely indispensable in the osinte

Web page data parsers

Instant Data Scraper— is a tool for automatic data cleaning for any web site. It uses artificial intelligence to predict which data is most relevant in an HTML page and allows you to save it to an Excel or CSV file (XLS, XLSX, CSV)

Email extract — is an extension for finding email addresses on pages you visit. Simple and fast. Just what you need sometimes.

Hunter — is an extension for finding email addresses on any website with a single click, sometimes two

Site Research

OSIRIS — is an extension for IoC reputation analysis. It receives a list of IP addresses as input, which it then checks with services such as Virustotal, Malwares, CISCO Talos, X-Force Exchange, AbuseIPDB, MXtoolbox

Sputnik — is an extension to quickly and easily find IP addresses, domains, file hashes, and URLs using free resources. Not to be confused with the infamous Russian search engine

IP Address and Domain Information — displays detailed information about the current web site. The information includes IP data (IPv4 and IPv6): location, DNS, whois data, routing, neighboring domains, and more. As with Hunter - quick and easy