[VIP] Motion Design School – The Magic of Walk Cycles

Put on your magic hat & get ready to push your animation skills to the next level cuz in this course we’ll reveal the secrets behind smooth walk cycles.

[VIP] Motion Design School – The Magic of Walk Cycles

What is this course about?

Back in my more active Patreon days I noticed an immense interest for walk cycles. My walk cycle tutorial, which was very surface level, was the most popular tutorial I ever made by a factor of a lot.. This eventually led me to ponder on a more indepth course.

Now, making a course on say a given software is one thing but making a course on something so artistic as walk cycles is a totally different beast. Good news though!

After months of work I’ve finally cracked the nut and made a course that is both logical and digestible and will leave no question marks as how to make your character bounce a long down the timeline.

So if you already have some basic knowledge of After Effects and Illustrator I’m inviting you to my animation magic classes.

  • bring your character to life
  • make your walk cycles smoother than ever
  • enjoy the funniest lessons you’ve ever tried
  • discover a surprise awaiting you in the course

Required Software
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator