[VIP] The Design with Elementor Program & Course

An Interactive & Immersive Web Design Course and Program for creatives ready to boost their design skills and processes.

[VIP] The Design with Elementor Program & Course

Learn with Design Professionals

Develop confidence and self-esteem as a Web Designer.

Learning high-level design is not easy. Being self-taught and learning design alone is downright difficult and at times painful. I'm speaking from experience. This program is designed to fast-track your design foundation & growth with a design coach and mentor.

Becoming a Design Pro

Level up your Design Skillz with pro designers.

Start creating the kind of website you've been dreaming to build! We're going to learn the foundations of design - Design Thinking, UI & UX, Typography, Design Systems, Grid Layouts and much more to create incredibly professional websites with Elementor.

What to expect from this design program.

This is just a sample of what to expect. As the course is in the pre-sale stage, the outline and assets will become available in the next couple of weeks.

Build Your Design Foundation

The core of the program. Design Thinking, UI & UX, Typography, and much more building your foundation.

Create Your Design Framework

Understanding layouts, grid systems, and design tools to use for your design projects.

Develop Your Design Processes

You'll be creating your own processes giving your design projects organization and structure.

Grow Your Design Business

With skills and value comes growth in business. Learn how to leverage your skills.

Pro Level Elementor Websites

Using only Elementor Pro with containers - Turn high-fidelity designs into websites.

Backgrounds & Graphics

Learn how to create and find the right graphics, use them the right way, including animations.

Workshops & Accountability

More than just a video based course. There will be work done with myself and other students.

Mentorship & Guidance Program

The program is taught with group coaching & mentorship. You will never have to learn alone!

Who is this course for

For web designers serious about their craft.

If you care about your creativity, your clients, and your value, this course and program may be for you. Even if you're a beginner, you can get a jump start on your design profession and fast-track years of not-so-great websites and low-paying clients.

A group coaching program

A new way of learning with a centralized hub.

So much more than hours of video lessons. Along with the course is our group coaching program. For 6 months you'll be challenged and coached with other creatives, designers, and myself. Never Alone!

The Process

An immersive and interactive learning experience.

A simplified process from 80 lessons packed with value and designed with a focus on learning outcomes.

The Design Process

This is the foundation. What you learn here and the skills you develop will be used throughout your future design career.

The Elementor Process

You'll learn how to build professional websites with Elementor. Plus the design fundamentals can be used with other builders.

Bonus Lessons

As a bonus, you'll get access to new lessons added every month, focusing on taking your design skills and business to another level.

What You'll Learn

  • Part 1 - The Design Process
  • Part 2 - The Elementor Process
  • Part 3 - Bonus Lessons
  • Intro: Design Principles for Web Design
  • Choose Your Project Brief
  • Design Principles and Fundamentals
  • Design Thinking: Design Your Mindset
  • Design Tools (like Figma)
  • A UI & UX Crash Course
  • Grid Systems
  • Typography
  • Color Theory
  • Design Strategy
  • Design a Project Management Environment
  • Designing Strategic Layouts
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • User Flows & Journeys
  • Designing Sitemaps
  • Designing Page Layouts with Wireframes
  • Designing Trust
  • Designing Content
  • Finalizing Wireframes
  • Choosing the Right Design for a Project
  • Re-Designing an Existing Site vs. a New Brand Design
  • Identifying the Target User
  • Choosing the Right Inspirations
  • Stylescapes & Mood Boards
  • Selecting the Right Fonts
  • Selecting the Right Colors
  • Creating & Using a Brand Guide
  • High Fidelity Mockups
  • Communicating with the Client
  • The Elementor Set Up
  • Adding Fonts
  • Globals – Set Up & Utilize
  • Consistency Guide (Shadows, Radius, Etc.)
  • Buttons
  • Icon Lists
  • Cards (include all types of cards like pricing)
  • Icon Box
  • Image Box
  • Testimonials
  • Post Grids & Loop Builder
  • Forms
  • Images, Videos & Galleries
  • Tabs, Accordions, & Toggles
  • The Remaining Elements
  • Using Flex with Containers
  • Using Grids & Alignments
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Banners
  • Content Sections
  • Features
  • Trust Sections
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Product Sections
  • Call to Actions
  • Putting it all Together
  • Spacing – Letting the Design Breath
  • Structuring Visuals – Colors, Contrasts, and Highlights
  • Micro-Interactions
  • Animations (Autoplay and Auto Animate nothing)
  • Home and Landing Pages
  • Homepage Part 2
  • Service Pages
  • About Pages
  • Contact Pages
  • Blog Post Pages
  • Archive Pages
  • Search Results Page
  • 404 Page
  • Portfolio Pages
  • Product Pages
  • SVG Icons
  • Images & Graphics
  • Mobile Design
  • Project Completion
  • Define Your Design Process
  • Define Your Design System
  • Automate & Replicate Frameworks
  • Continuing Your Design Journey (Becoming an Expert)