[VIP] DesignCode - iOS Design Handbook

A complete guide to designing for iOS 14 with videos, examples and design files

[VIP] DesignCode - iOS Design Handbook

1 Intro to iOS 14 Design

A complete guide to designing for iOS 14 with videos, examples and design files

2 iOS Colors

Learn how to work with colors in iOS 14

3 Typography and Dynamic Type

Learn to make the content clear and readable

4 Background Blur and Gradients

Creating contrast between contents using blurs and apply gradients from analogous colors

5 Adaptive Layout

Learn to make your designs adaptive to different device screen sizes and orientation

6 Do's and Don'ts

Things to keep in mind while designing for iOS

7 Design for Touch

Keeping your content reachable using different touch techniques

8 iOS Native UI Elements

Learn and benefit from using Apple's UI resources

9 iOS Icons

Learn how to find great icons and customize them

10 Design for iPad

How bigger screens affect your design

11 Design the Sidebar

How to design a sidebar for iPad

12 Design Widgets

Displaying important and useful information using widgets for quick glances

13 Animations

Good animations enhance, bad animations distract

14 App Clips

Make use of a specific feature in your app through app clips

15 Design for Apple Watch

Designing for people on the go

16 Modals

Provide more focused experience by presenting your content in a temporary modal view

17 Onboarding

Learn to design meaningful experiences with clear onboarding flows and patterns

18 Launch Screen

Hint users about loading content through launch screens

19 Design for Accessibility

Basic rules and system to improve app accessibility

20 Design for macOS Big Sur

Designing an app with translucency and sidebar