[VIP] inkydeals — The Big Bang Design Bundle (16000+ iTems)

The Big Bang Design Bundle (16000+ iTems) with high speed direct link. These awesome The Big Bang Design Bundle (16000+ iTems)made by inkydeals and the first update Released On 2020.

[VIP] inkydeals — The Big Bang Design Bundle (16000+ iTems)
4000 Logo design
2800 design elements 2

The Eternal Collection Of 16,000+ Design Resources!

2000 render object overlays
1800 SVG Designs cover

If you want to expand your horizon and give your work a big BOOM, The Big Bang Design Bundle is here for you with no less than 16,000+ Design Elements. Watch out! Each and every product in the bundle has been hand-picked by our designers.  This bundle combines years of hard work from more than 10 established artists across the globe. 

The outstanding overlays, backgrounds, textures, patterns, fonts, brushes, flyers, and other graphic elements are here to rock your designs. These will help you create appealing designs that will capture attention, sell products and services, and open lines of business. 

The bundle comes to give you the inspiration you need to create a new world of amazing designs. With these 16,000+ design elements at hand, the sky will be the limit every time you start creating. 

Quick update! This bundle comes with an extended commercial license. Whoa… this means you can use these resources for unlimited time and unlimited projects.

16,000+ Resources Included Inside This Design Bundle:

Highlights For The Big Bang Design Bundle:

  • 16,000+ Graphic resources worth $25,000 .
  • High-quality and high-resolution images and textures.
  • All the designs are unique and diverse in nature.
  • These resources can be used for business, marketing, website designing, photography, invitations, print projects, promotional activities, and other projects.