[VIP] DesignCode: UIKit for iOS 15

Design and code a UIKit app for iOS 15 with storyboards, custom layouts, scroll detection, and accessibility using Xcode 13

[VIP] DesignCode: UIKit for iOS 15

20 topics

All techniques are explained step-by-step, in a beginner-friendly format so that you can easily follow in a cohesive way.

UIKit for iOS 15

Design and code a UIKit app for iOS 15 with storyboards, custom layouts, scroll detection, and accessibility using Xcode 13

  • Introduction to Storyboards and the Interface Builder

Learn about the fundamentals of Xcode's Interface Builder and Storyboards

  • Building the Card View

Explore Different Objects in the Interface Builder and Build Your First View

  • Introduction to Swift and Swift Playgrounds

Learn the basics of programming in Swift

  • Connecting Storyboards to Code

Create IBOutlets to bridge the gap between the Interface Builder and Swift code

  • Auto Layout and Dark Mode

Go beyond the basics of Auto Layout as we Adapt our App into More Configurations

  • Introduction to Collection Views

Learn about one of the most popular ways to display dynamic data in UIKit through Collection Views

  • Designing our Collection View Cells

Write Swift code to dynamically change the number of cells in our Handbooks Collection View

  • Classes in Swift

Learn about Swift classes and create your own to display different data in each collection view cell

  • Introduction to Table View

Use storyboards to create a table view to display the many Design+Code courses

  • Designing our Table View Cells

Learn about the delegate and data source methods that power a UITableView

  • Segues in UIKit

Perform transitions between two view controllers and pass data through segues

  • Scroll Detection

Mathematically compute scroll behavior to change the UI of our application

  • Building the Detail View

Breeze through this fast-paced recap of everything we've learned so far as we build our Courses View Controller

  • Interface Builder Actions

Create IBActions to bridge functionality between the storyboards and code

  • Introduction to UIMenu and UIButton

Create the standard iOS menu with UIMenu

  • Animating the Tab Bar

Explore the UITabBarController and all its customizable attributes

  • Building the Explore Screen

Discover new ways to build immersive views with UIKit

  • Advanced Auto Layout and SF Symbols

Take advantage of Apple’s powerful SF Symbols in new and delightful ways

  • Making our App Accessible

Increase the Accessibility of our App by enabling Dynamic Type

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