[VIP] DesignCode: Build a Movie Booking App in SwiftUI

Learn how to create an iOS app based on a beautiful UI design from Figma with interesting animations and interactions, create a custom tab bar and use navigation views to build a whole flow.

Sep 16, 2022 - 18:33
Mar 15, 2023 - 08:00
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[VIP] DesignCode: Build a Movie Booking App in SwiftUI

12 topics

All techniques are explained step-by-step, in a beginner-friendly format so that you can easily follow in a cohesive way.


1 Intro

Create an interactive tinder-like card swipe with custom design and animations

2 Ticket Model

Custom card design using specific corner radius

3 Ticket Stack

Create an infinite stack of cards

4 Drag Gesture

Interactions and animations using drag gesture

5 Custom Tab Bar

Make a unique navigation in SwiftUI

6 Tab Bar Animation

Create a simple tab bar interaction

7 Custom Search Bar

Use TextField to make an editable field

8 Scroll Section

Enable the scroll gesture in your app

9 Navigation

Create a flow between multiple screens in SwiftUI

10 Button Layout

Learn how to make an unique button layout

11 Seats View

Learn how to dismiss your current view

12 Pop to Root

Using PopToRoot to navigate to the root view

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