[VIP] Feux: Figma course with Felipe Santana

In this module, we introduce you to the Figma universe. You will be guided step by step from installation to the account creation process. Together, we’ll explore every corner of the Figma interface, familiarizing yourself with terms and shortcuts that will speed up your workflow.

Oct 2, 2023 - 10:28
Oct 1, 2023 - 15:01
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[VIP] Feux: Figma course with Felipe Santana

Design de App, Landing Page, Auto Layout, Variables (Tokens), Variants, Componentes Avançados, Prototipagem, Animação, Ilustração & Muito Mais.

Aprenda com quem sabe de verdade!

O Felipe trabalha há mais de +16 anos no mercado de produtos digitais no exterior. Hoje ele trabalha como Senior Product Designer na Zalando, especializado em Design System e atuando em produtos usados diariamente por Milhões de pessoas no mundo!

Uma comunidade engajada e exclusiva!

  • Tire suas dúvidas
  • Compartilhe projetos
  • Participe de sorteios mensais
  • Torne-se um mentor
  • Faça um networking

Commitment to satisfactionguaranteed

The course has an extremely high rating on Hotmart, and our students love the benefits of the community, in addition to the periodic updates to the course, which is always up to date. But if you are not satisfied with the course, just let me know within the 7 days of guarantee, sending an email to contato@feux.design and we will issue your refund.

Now understand why peopleMomthe course

As classes they are recorded e we have classes EXTRAS com as news do Figma for ALL os students.

of the Course!!!

Start your journey by stamping your unique personality by creating your own TAG. This is more than an introductory module, it is an interactive and lively way to start your relationship with Figma, overcoming any initial fears. And, of course, don't forget to share your TAG with your network!

Introductionao Figma

In this module, we introduce you to the Figma universe. From installation to the account creation process, you will be guided step by step. Together, we'll explore every corner of the Figma interface, familiarizing yourself with terms and shortcuts that will speed up your workflow.

8 Reviews | 77 min

Preparingthe project

This module is where we start building the structure of our App. Here, you will learn in depth crucial concepts of interface design (UI Design), such as Typography, Colors, Grids that will establish a solid foundation for your project. Our journey will include creating our app's style guide and even illustrating all the icons!

15 Reviews | 252 min

Creatingthe design of the screens

This is the time to bring your ideas to life! Throughout the classes, you will shape the design of all screens in the application, creating advanced components and defining the project's style guide. Additionally, you will develop valuable skills by learning to make strategic decisions, just like a true digital product designer.

Prototypingin High Fidelity

This is where the real magic happens! You will connect all screens, adding and manipulating advanced interactions in your prototype. The result? A high-fidelity prototype, with a sophisticated and functional design, ready to take your portfolio to the next level.

“Handoff” do Design

The “Gran finale” of your learning! This module will teach you how to “tie up” all the details of the project to prepare it for development. You will learn how to efficiently communicate the project to your team, ensuring that every detail is understood and that your work can shine.


Landing Page

Immerse yourself in the art of creating product-oriented landing pages, broadening your horizons into the web sphere. Here, you will be immersed in fundamental web development techniques and concepts, allowing you to design attractive and effective pages.

Illustration in Figma

In this module, you will master the art of creating a set of vector illustrations directly in Figma. From sketch to final art, you'll use components and variants to scale and bring your project to life.


Explore the fascinating universe of interactive dashboards! You will learn how to create interactive components and study the grid to adapt your design to different resolutions. This knowledge will open up new possibilities for your creations of more complex systems.

How do you do it in Figma?

The challenge of recreating the design of today's main applications and websites! With each new class, a different challenge exploring Figma's most diverse tools and features. In addition to expanding your repertoire of references and techniques.

News not Figma?

In this module, you will always be one step ahead of Figma's innovations. Stay up to date with everything that's happening, ensuring you always know how to use Figma's new releases and features.

Papo de Figma

Tune in to an innovative podcast, where we discuss the most relevant topics in the digital products market, both in Brazil and around the world. Expand your understanding and perspective of the market as you listen to experts share their insights and experiences, and all the latest on Figma!

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