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An awesome list of best resources, tools, applications, usages of ChatGPT.

Awesome ChatGPT


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Official Resources

ChatGPT Community

ChatGPT Integrated Projects


  • xiaogpt Play ChatGPT with xiaomi AI speaker
  • ChatGPT-Paper-Reader This repository provides a simple interface that utilizes the gpt-3.5-turbo model to read academic papers in PDF format locally
  • FastChat An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language model based chatbots
  • openai-quickstart-python Python example app from the OpenAI API quickstart tutorial
  • email-automation : Automates news briefing / blogging with email automation.
  • chatbot : ChatGPT Integrated faster and secure chatbot hosted on cloud.
  • whistep speech-to-text : OpnAI's whisper is a library to convert speech to text.
  • knowledge-gpt Extract knowledge from all information sources using gpt and other language models. Index and make Q&A session with information sources
  • Auto-GPT An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous
  • GPTCache GPTCache is a library for creating semantic cache to store responses from LLM queries
  • gpt4free decentralising the Ai Industry, free gpt-4/3.5 scripts through several reverse engineered api's (,, etc...)
  • MiniGPT-4 MiniGPT-4: Enhancing Vision-language Understanding with Advanced Large Language Models
  • chatgpt-tool-hub An open-source chatgpt tool ecosystem where you can combine tools with chatgpt and use natural language to do anything.
  • privateGPT Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks


  • doctorgpt DoctorGPT is a lightweight self-contained binary that monitors your application logs for problems and diagnoses them.


  • GPT-Assistant GPT Assistant is a software that integrates GPT into the operation of Android devices.

API tools

Client-side tools

  • chatgpt.js A powerful client-side JavaScript library for ChatGPT

Browser Extensions

  • chatGPTBox Integrating ChatGPT into your browser deeply, everything you need is here
  • chatgpt-google-summary-extension view ChatGPT summaries alongside Google search results and YouTube videos, also supports Yahoo!
  • Automate your browser with GPT-4 uses GPT-4 to control your browser and perform repetitive actions on your behalf
  • Summarize web pages using OpenAI ChatGPT
  • codereview.gpt Reviews your Pull Requests using ChatGPT so that you can pretend to work.
  • chat-gpt-google-extension Extension to display ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results
  • ChatGPT_Extension Chrome extension to open a ChatGPT popup (basically a bookmark)
  • chat-gpt-bing-extension A browser extension to display ChatGPT response alongside Bing Search results, supports Chrome/Edge/Firefox
  • ChatGPT-pdf Extension to add share abilities to ChatGPT (PDF, PNG or a sharable link
  • Superpower ChatGPT Chrome extension to add input history, copy, and counters to ChatGPT
  • ChassistantGPT embeds ChatGPT as a hands-free voice assistant in the background
  • WebChatGPT augment your prompts to ChatGPT with web search results
  • chat-gpt-userscript A userscript to display ChatGPT answer alongside Search Engine or Translator
  • gpt2markdown A browser extension that exports your ChatGPT conversations to Markdown format
  • openai-translator A Chrome extension for word translation based on ChatGPT API
  • GPT-Prompter Browser extension to get a fast prompt (of the selected text) for OpenAI`s GPT-3 & ChatGPT API . Available in the Chrome web store and Firefox browser add-ons
  • ChatGPT for Twitter Chrome extension to generate tweets/replies to tweets in different moods and by optionally giving instructions
  • sync-to-github Synchronize chatgpt conversations to the github repository in the form of .md file
  • chatgpt-dl Another ChatGPT to Markdown extension, it intercepts the API call to retrieve the original markdown.
  • chatgpt-enhancement-extension An all-in-one plugin to improve your ChatGPT experience
  • ChatGPT-Prompt-Genius Multi-purpose ChatGPT Chrome Extension
  • ReadAnything Read any hard content with the help of GPT
  • ChatGPT Widescreen Mode Add Widescreen + Full-Window modes to ChatGPT for enhanced viewing

Desktop Applications


Chat bots

Extend ChatGPT Feature

  • Kubectl OpenAI plugin This project is a kubectl plugin to generate and apply Kubernetes manifests using OpenAI GPT
  • shareGPT permenent links to your conversations
  • email-helper Generate your business emails in seconds
  • twitterbio Generate your Twitter bio with OpenAI and Vercel Edge Functions
  • OpenAI-ImageGeneration-Vue3 Utilizing OpenAI's Image Generation api with vue3, vite and pinia(similar to the DALLE app)
  • ai-research-for-practise A powerful image generation model, can through the study of the evolution of an image to generate a new image
  • roomGPT Upload a photo of your room to generate your dream room with AI
  • DocsGPT GPT-powered chat for documentation search & assistance

Web applications

  • kindle-gpt AI search & chat on your Kindle highlights
  • eslint-gpt Generate your eslint rule with OpenAI and Vercel Edge Functions
  • chatgpt-vercel Elegant and Powerfull. Powered by OpenAI and Vercel
  • chatgpt_academic Specialized ChatGPT extension for scientific research work, optimized for enhancing the experience of polishing academic papers
  • chatbot-ui An open source ChatGPT UI
  • ChatGPT-Next-Web One-Click to deploy your own ChatGPT web UI
  • BibiGPT One-click summary for video & audio content: Bilibili | YouTube | Websites丨Podcasts | Meetings | Local files, etc
  • Epic Music Quiz A free webapp for creating your own custom Music Video Quiz using youtube videos that can be played solo or multiplayer with friends. Optional AI generation of quiz questions
  • chatgpt-i18n Translate your locale json files with AI assistance
  • Node-based visual programming tool to create dynamic OpenAI API workflows
  • is a simple and fast generator of SEO-friendly articles for your blog referenced on search engines. It is based on the OpenAI GPT-4 API.
  • AgentGPT Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser.
  • FastGPT A platform to quickly use the openai api. Support one-click construction of AI knowledge base, support multi-user, multi-model management.
  • ChatALL Concurrently chat with ChatGPT, Bing Chat, bard, Alpaca, Vincuna, Claude, ChatGLM, MOSS, iFlytek Spark, ERNIE and more, discover the best answers


CLI tools

  • README-AI Generate beautiful, informative, and well-structured files.
  • CommitAssist Auto generate commit messages using ChatGPT
  • Cli for ChatGPT A TUI for ChatGPT API, powered by GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 models
  • gptcommit A git prepare-commit-msg hook for authoring commit messages with GPT-3
  • Voice-based chatGPT Have a conversation with ChatGPT using your voice, and have it talk back.
  • Explain your runtime errors with ChatGPT Explain your error message with ChatGPT
  • GPT3 WordPress post generator A simple cli to generate WordPress posts using Gpt3 starting from a topic.
  • Assistant CLI A comfortable CLI tool to use ChatGPT service
  • chatgpt-wrapper API for interacting with ChatGPT and GPT4 using Python and from Shell.
  • aicommits A CLI that writes your git commit messages for you with AI
  • cz-git cz-git | czg DX first and more engineered, lightweight, customizable, standard output format commitizen adapter and CLI
  • Smalltalk A funny anonymous chat software which support CLI and integrated with ChatGPT / GPT-3.
  • CLI-Co-Pilot CLI tool that uses Codex to turn natural language commands into their Bash/ZShell/PowerShell equivalents
  • cli-gpt Translate human language to command line using ChatGPT
  • HappyCommit HappyCommit is a delightful tool that harnesses the power of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo language model to generate meaningful and descriptive Git commit messages for you
  • ai-commit Automagically generate conventional git commit messages with AI.
  • autodoc Autodoc is a experimental toolkit for auto-generating codebase documentation for git repositories using Large Language Models, like GPT-4 or Alpaca.
  • prompt A command line application to interact with OpenAI ChatGPT API.
  • markdown-gpt-translator Translate Markdown documentation using ChatGPT API

Github Actions



  • ChatGPT-Shortcut The ChatGPT Shortcut page displays all the prompts by default, and is divided into label area, search area, and prompt display area
  • GPT-Prompter Browser extension to get a fast prompt (of the selected text) for OpenAI`s GPT-3, GPT-4 & ChatGPT API . Available in the Chrome web store and Firefox browser add-ons
  • showGPT Website with curated list of best prompts, and you can submit your own easily.
  • Awesome ChatGPT Prompts ChatGPT prompts that works well.
  • awesome-chatgpt Posts & thoughts about prompting ChatGPT for different usages
  • GPT-Prompter Browser extension to get a fast prompt (of the selected text) for OpenAI`s GPT-3, GPT-4 & ChatGPT API. Available in the Chrome web store and Firefox browser add-ons
  • List of awesome GPT prompts from the community.
  • Mr.-Ranedeer-AI-Tutor A GPT-4 AI Tutor Prompt for customizable personalized learning experiences
  • prompt-engineering-for-developers 吴恩达《ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers》课程中文版
  • DeepLearningAI-ChatGPT Practical Jupyter notebooks from Andrew Ng and Isa Fulford's "ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers" course on DeepLearning.AI.
  • LangGPT Empowering everyone to become a prompt expert!

Reverse Proxy

  • ChatGPT reverse proxy site, intended for people with restricted access to areas by OpenAI.


  • gptlang Experiment to see if we can create a programming language in ChatGPT.

User Scripts

  • ChatGPT conversation saving bookmark Save chatGPT conversation as HTML file
  • WebGPT Run GPT model on the browser with WebGPU. An implementation of GPT inference in less than ~2000 lines of vanilla Javascript.
  • KeepChatGPT A UserScript that enables ChatGPT to chat smoothly, never experiencing network errors again, and no need to refresh the webpage anymore.
  • chatgpt-exporter Export and Share your ChatGPT conversation history
  • ChatGPT Auto Refresh ↻ Keeps ChatGPT sessions fresh to avoid network errors + Cloudflare checks
  • Autoclear ChatGPT History Adds chat auto-clear functionality to ChatGPT for more privacy
  • DuckDuckGPT Adds the magic of ChatGPT to DuckDuckGo sidebar
  • BraveGPT Adds the magic of ChatGPT to Brave Search sidebar
  • ChatGPT Widescreen Mode Add Widescreen + Full-Window modes to ChatGPT for enhanced viewing
  • ChatGPT Infinity ∞ Generate endless answers from all-knowing ChatGPT (in any language!)