[VIP] Ant Design System for Figma [Updated v2.2]

Speed up your design process with pixel-perfect UI elements. The powerful UI kit for Figma based on the most popular React UI library - Ant Design. Create well-documented products in no time.

[VIP] Ant Design System for Figma [Updated v2.2]

Design Faster

Stop wasting time on creating everything from scratch for every new project you start. Use this set of handcrafted elements to design your next product efficiently.

Components & Styles

Save time and build products with well-organized and customizable components and styles.

Ant Design Icons

Don't waste time on searching icons on the web. Use over 700 Ant Design icons right away!

2 Themes

Two themes (light and dark) in one pack. Pick your favourite and build your project faster.

Large Documentation

Developer handoff made easy. Component and style guide documentation for your entire team in one place.

UX Toolkit Components

Everything you need at an early stage of your UX design process. Visualize the hierarchy and structure of a future product or website based on Ant Design. Learn more